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Lifts solutions are our identity across the UK, and always has been. If you are looking for a bespoke lift solution, Cibes UK can assist with you on a personal or commercial level. We are the UK’s top lift experts and with over 70 years experience, we know how to tailor the right lift solution for anyone’s needs.

Need a Platform Lift that exceeds current regulations? Then we’ve got a lift solution to fit.

Cibes Lift UK extensive range of platform lifts are designed, manufactured and installed to meet your needs and requirements. We have a comprehensive range of platform lift products to suit every requirement and application that you may require; from 400Kg up to 1000Kg and internal or external.

Our UK lifts can be divided into four main categories: Platform Lifts, Passenger Lifts, DDA / Goods lifts and Stairlifts. Because our lift solutions require very little structural alteration and construction, they can be implemented into any building. All of our UK lifts are low in maintenance because we keep technology simple and safe.

The first step to finding the perfect solution for your lift starts right here! Find out more about Cibes Lifts UK or browse through our references.

“Thanks to the beautiful cabin and the smart use of metal and glass, my lift makes an immediate impression. They have kept the control technique simple, which makes it very easy to use.”

We can help...
Are you looking for a Platform Lift Solution in the UK? Then Cibes Lift UK are here to help.
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