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Lift Maintenance

Lift maintenance throughout the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham & Scotland; by Cibes Lifts UK. The only place in the UK for trusted lift maintenance.

Cibes Lifts UK provides lift maintenance care plans and servicing for a huge range of clients, why not be the next? Lift installation and lift maintenance generally come hand-in-hand, and we would recommend taking advantage of our highly competitive but professional lift maintenance & servicing packages. Even if we didn’t install your lift, enquire now for more information on lift maintenance & servicing!


“Knowledge is our advantage, service our strength”

If you’re experiencing maintenance problems with your lift you can always call Cibes Lift UK for support – 0800 085 0269. We are part of the Cibes Lift Group family and our global network of partners have many years of experience. A high level reliability means a lot to our customers.

We strongly recommend that your lift is serviced at least twice a year, depending on usage. Within the first year of purchase, we service your lift for you as part of quoted price; we will monitor it’s performance within the first year and if you are happy with the service provided, we will suggest a quote for a second years’ lift maintenance and beyond. A lift maintenance contract will guarantee reliability and promote the longevity of your product.

Maintenance help with Cibes Lift UK

Signing a maintenance contract with Cibes Lift UK guarantees two service visits per year, carried out by one of our Cibes Lift Group qualified lift engineers. All essential lift functions will be tested, lubricated, and a full safety check performed. A service contract with Cibes Lift UK provides the added benefit of discounted rates on other spare parts direct from the factory, within 48 hours of manufacturer receipt. Please contact us for more information.

Lift Maintenance Support

If your lift unexpectedly fails, please contact us for full UK support and backup on 0800 085 0269 or e-mail us at . All our offices have access to Cibes Technical Support Center. Our experienced technicians will try to find the cause of the failure over the phone. If the failure cannot be resolved by a telephone assistance, a technician will be scheduled to clear the issue.

Battery lowering function

In case of power outage you can always drive the lift directly to a lower floor thanks to our battery lowering device. As soon as the lift reaches the lower stop, the door will open auto-matically and you can leave the lift safely without third party assistance.


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