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About Cibes Lifts

CIBES Lift Group is one of the world’s largest lift manufacturers of low-speed lifts. High quality Swedish engineering and beautiful design are the secrets behind our ever growing success. Our product portfolio offers you a wide choice of vertical platform lifts, cabin lifts and stair lifts. All our platform lift solutions are ready-made and delivered in manageable size packages in order to fast track logistics and installation. In addition, CIBES products have a long life-cycle and low operating costs. CIBES Lift UK part of CIBES Lift Group cares about the needs of all our customers, from architects, builders and distributors to home owners. This is why we are continuously developing our sales and after sales services as well as more efficient manufacturing methods.

With CIBES, you can count on the delivery of excellence, on time, every time.

Made in Sweden

Our lifts are designed and manufactured in Sweden and sold in more than 50 countries via our worldwide distribution network and local CIBES Lift offices. The head office and factory of CIBES Lifts are located in Gävle, Sweden. We have made the conscious decision to keep our all our core activities in Sweden in order to stay in perfect control of our product quality, values, and brand. Over the years, CIBES Lift has manufactured and sold close to 40 000 lifts across the globe. Today, these lifts are used by millions of people. May be you are one of them too?

History of Cibes Lift

CIBES Lift was founded in 1947, when Swedish lift innovator Mr Bertil Svedberg started a manufacturing company for Goods Lifts. In the mid 1960’s the first generation of passenger lifts was launched. CIBES Lift continued to grow and the first series of platform lifts was developed in a factory in the small village of Järbo. In the early 2000’s, CIBES Lift became a part of CIBES Lift Group. In 2012 we moved our head office and manufacturing facilities to Gävle (200 km North of Stockholm). This is the very heart of our company today, with ultra-modern production lines.

Fast international expansion

Before 1989, CIBES Lift did not sell any lifts outside of Sweden. In 1996 the company started to expand into the European market.Today, CIBES Lift Group has subsidiairies in 9 countries and deliver lifts to 50 countries through our global network of 200 distributors. CIBES Lift is one of the founding members of EPSA (European Platform and Stairlift Association) working for coherence between EU standards and national legislation. CIBES Lift is also member of the Technical Committees TC10/WG8 and TC10/WG13, dedicated to develop existing and coming EU standards for low-speed lifts.

Working at Cibes Lift UK?

As a large and growing organization we’re regularly recruiting for positions in various offices. Open applications are always welcome!

Please send your application including your cover letter and CV to:

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