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The biggest range of slow speed
The biggest range of slow speed
Passenger Lifts up to 630Kg
You’ll never compromise on quality
You’ll never compromise on quality
with lifts by Cibes
The biggest range of Platform Lifts
The biggest range of Platform Lifts
on the market up to 1000Kg

Platform Lifts

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With over 70 years experience in the lift industry we can help with any lift solution to ensure your project is implemented effectively.

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We have an extensive range of lifts which include: Platform lifts, Passenger lifts, Stairlifts and dual purpose Goods/DDA lifts. Find your perfect lift solution with Cibes today.

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Over the years, our lifts have been manufactured and sold more than 40,000 times across the globe. Today, these lifts are used by millions of people.

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R90 Wheelchair lift | 300Kg
The Cibes R90 wheelchair lift is completely unique. Thanks to it's capacity to lift, turn corners and fold itself up against the wall, the Cibes R90 w...
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A6000s 2
A6000S Passenger Lift | 400Kg | 5 Person
Looking for a small passenger lift? The Cibes A6000S gives you all the comfort of a cabin lift with the major advantages of a platform lift. The A6...
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A5000 Lift 2
A5000 Platform Lift | 400Kg | 5 Person
‘What is the most popular lift model?’, you may be wondering. The Cibes A5000 platform lift is our most popular model and for good reason. With ei...
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Cibes Outdoor 1
A5000 Outdoor Lift | 400Kg | 5 Person
  So you are wondering ‘what lift is best for the outside of my home?’ With the same great benefits as the Cibes A5000 Platform Lift, the o...
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Home Lift 2
A4000 Home Lift | 300Kg | 3 Person
Have you been dreaming about getting a home lift, to make the upper floors of your property more accessible and future-proof your home ready for your ...
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A8000 Goods Lift | 1000Kg | 12 Person
As one of the largest and most powerful models in the Cibes Lift UK range, the A8000 goods lift is the perfect solution for the transportation of heav...
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Silence made in Sweden

Cibes Lift UK

With over 70 years’ experience within the lift industry, Cibes Lift UK provides an extensive range of quality lifts, guaranteeing the highest level of service and support before, during and after the installation.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential installation, Cibes UK can help you find the perfect lift solution for your needs. Our extensive range includes platform lifts, passenger lifts, stairlifts, and dual purpose goods/DDA lifts.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, and sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, high quality engineering and beautiful design are the secrets behind our lifts and the company’s long-standing history and ever-growing success.

CIBES Lift UK — Installing Commercial & Residential Lifts across the UK.

Unique, high quality lift solutions

With a vast range of commercial lifts and domestic lifts, supporting up to 1000kg. CIBES Lift UK have a lift solution to suit all your requirements.
With the ability to travel 20 metre, with a pit depth of only 50mm, Cibes Lift UK provides platform lifts, passenger lifts, goods lifts and stairlifts to customers all across the UK.
We can offer clever and flexible solutions for both internal and external lift installations, and with an endless choice of finishes to enhance the design, we can ensure the lift fits seamlessly with the aesthetics of the building.
With a manufacturing time of three weeks, our lifts are quick and easy to install with a turnaround time of 2-3 days.
You can expect nothing but the highest level of service before, during, and after the installation, alongside our unrivalled technical support.

WONDERING what lift to choose for your office or home? CIBES Lift UK is the number one choice for your residential and commercial lift requirements.

View our new and improved A5000 Lifts Brochure available online now.

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